[OSM-talk] Survey: Bad Map Rendering

Lambertus osm at na1400.info
Fri Mar 21 12:33:57 GMT 2008

Maybe routing is an interesting area to research as it is related to 
rendering and hinting or additional input from mappers.

This is all AFAIK, sorry if I'm wrong here:
So far we've seen a few examples of routing using OSM data but no real 
'measurement' of how 'good' this routing actually is. Also upscaling the 
areas that can be routed (e.g. a trip of 1000 km) is something that 
cannot be performed well with our data or by our routing applications. 
Large scale, 'publicly ready' routing by OSM is one of the major areas 
in which this project is lacking. Perhaps routing capabilities can be 
improved by the a student with a proper background who can spend some 
significant time on the subject.

Perhaps starting with a little research on how well our data is suitable 
for routing as well as examining the existing solutions. Followed by 
suggestions to improvements, (partial) implementation of these 
improvements, test results on how well the improvements work and 

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
>     I've been approached by a student of Geoinformatics who wants to
> write her Master's Thesis about something OSM related. 
> I suggested to look into the rendering topic: Where are our current
> problems in rendering, can they be solved by simply improving the
> renderer(s) or will they need additional input from mappers in the
> form of "hints" or extra data, or are they maybe completely unsolvable
> for computers.
> I recognize this is more a general cartography topic than an OSM
> specific one, but our "crowdsourcing" powers might come in if it turns
> out that there are certain areas where map rendering could be improved
> dramatically if mappers did enter a few extra "hints"; nobody else
> could achieve that on a global scale but us.
> I'm sure each of you must have some "pet peeve" with our map
> rendering, some area you have mapped but which never looks right, some
> place where you're always tempted to edit the map tile with the GIMP
> before uploading it ;-)
> I'd be happy to hear from you about such "areas of bad rendering",
> whether they are bugs in there renderer(s) or just things that are
> ugly for some reason.
> Bye
> Frederik

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