[OSM-talk] Name finder and home page search working again

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Wed Mar 26 14:32:14 GMT 2008

On 26/03/2008 13:49, Abigail Brady wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 11:35 AM, David Earl <david at frankieandshadow.com 
> <mailto:david at frankieandshadow.com>> wrote:
>     It uses "name", then "place_name" (but only when name is not given),
>     then "ref", "iata", "icao", "old_name", and "loc_name" as if these were
>     in square brackets after the name as described above. Hence
>     "name=Archway Road; ref=A5; loc_name=Traffic Jam From Hell" is treated
>     as if it were "name=Archway Road [A5] [Traffic Jam From Hell]".
> I like that old_name is indexed now, but I hope it will get tweaked.  As 
> an example of non-optimal result, searching for "Victoria Road East, 
> Leicester" pulls out roads which used to be part of Victoria Road East 
> but are now independent roads, before the actual Victoria Road East - 
> presumably for the same reason you mention regarding the British Museum, 
> in that it is the furthest away section which retains the name.

If you qualify the search, the results are ordered by distance from the 
qualifying place, in this case Leicester. If I include the old_name, 
then it is a valid match, so that's the correct result, unless I adopt 
some other policy for ordering results.

This hasn't changed by the way - it always did do old_name, and order 
results by distance.


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