[OSM-talk] [tagging] RFC: railway=incline

Alex L. Mauer hawke at hawkesnest.net
Wed Mar 26 23:56:36 GMT 2008

Sven Geggus wrote:
> Cartinus <cartinus at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> But you don't have to suggest this now. ;) Proposals for both already existed 
>> in the wiki before Hawke wrote the railway=incline proposal.
> So let us break down the different suggestions and go on vor vote
> now?
> As far as I can tell, there are two suggestions:
> 1.) adding railway=funicular and rag=yes for non funicular incline
> railways
> 2.) adding railway=incline and an additional tags for types of incline
> railways (funicular,rag, ...)

I think it is important to be able to mark a railway as an incline
railway of some sort, without having to specify what drive mechanism it
uses.  If that can fit into the first suggestion, I'm all for it.

-Alex Mauer "hawke"

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