[OSM-talk] Islands in lakes

Alan Millar am12 at bolis.com
Sat May 31 17:30:28 BST 2008

> Is there any other way to change the tile index?
> There are several
> tiles that are marked as sea but are clearly inland in
> Myanmar which I'd
> like to get fixed.

>> AFAIK, they used to just add the tile to a waiting
> list of tiles to
>> check the wateryness of by hand.

I haven't seen a waiting list of ones to check, but I've just been
learning how this works in the last week.  The real list used by the
renderers is a file called oceantiles_12.dat, in the software.  If you
have developer commit access, you can edit this file through a png map

You can email me the informationfreeway permalinks and I can fix them for

- Alan

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