[OSM-talk] osm relief file for France

Frédéric Bonifas fredericbonifas at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 18:00:45 GMT 2008

Ok thanks Christoph, so I wait for you to put the tiles online.


2008/11/28 Christoph Eckert <ce at christeck.de>:
> Hi Frédéric,
>> I am regularly generating a garmin map for France (
>> http://fredericbonifas.free.fr/osm/garmin.html ).
>> I would like to build one with relief. I works well for little areas
>> but I am experiencing some problems to generate the relief map for the
>> whole France.
>> Could someone who successfully produce big relief maps generate a .img
>> file, containing only the reliefs, with this polygon :
>> http://download.cloudmade.com/europe/france/france.poly ?
> recently I processed the whole world as 1° tiles. You could take those,
> convert it to img files using mkgmap, put them in a gmapsupp.img and combine
> your map with the contour lines using sendmap.
> I still have not enough web space to upload the tiles. There's something going
> on, but I have no info if it will work as expected as of yet.
> Best regards,
> ce
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