[OSM-talk] Databases?

Chris Hill chillly809 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 15 17:35:55 BST 2008

> I want to represent the data such that a user can pan and zoom a map
> around smoothly (25+ fps) without pre-rendering tile images.
> Especially on devices like the iphone, that would be really nice.
> The only data structure I can think of to do something like this would
> be a quad tree with internal nodes containing data at particular
> detail levels. (So that for a fixed size view you never have to
> inspect more than a fixed number of quad tree nodes).
> Basically, it would look the same as the current tile set; but
> prerendered tile images would be replaced with node&way lists listing
> the data the corresponding tile shows.
> Has anyone written a program like this; either with that sort of data
> format or solving that problem?
Sounds great!  Can't wait to see your finished work.

Cheers, Chris

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