[OSM-talk] Asus eee and OpenStreetMap

Tom Higgy higgy-lists at bandnet.org
Sun Oct 19 09:23:00 BST 2008

Only thing is tangogps is not in Ubuntu Hardy repositories, might be in 
for Intrepid (due out this month).

gpsd, gpsbabel, gpsdrive are all in repositories...

Valent Turkovic wrote:
> I would be really thankful if anyone can check it the packages are the
> same on debian based distros and or does apt-get need to have some
> other named packages.
> I would like to update my blog so that this howto also works for
> debian/ubuntu. Are the other instructions the same for debian/ubuntu?
> Do I need to change something for debian/ubuntu howto?
> Cheers,
> Valent.

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