[OSM-talk] Tiger 2007 Data

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 11:12:13 BST 2008


I think that it's critical that work done by users up to now is not erased
or corrupted by a bulk upload of data.
Therefore the new Tiger data should not relpace users data nor should it be
placed on top of, underneath, or intertwined with the current users data.

Ideally, if a tile has been updated by a user then no bulk uploading should
be done into this tile. Where there is a large area of "unimproved" Tiger
data then the new data could be inserted, although you would then need to
stitch the new Tiger ways to the old Tiger ways around the perimeter.

Another alternative could be to freeze updates to the US, copy out all tiles
modified by users, put in the new Tiger data in its entirety, then put back
the users tiles, replacing the Tiger tiles, thus preserving ALL user
editing.  Then when someone wanted to work on a new Tiger tile they may also
need to stitch the ways around the edges.

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