[OSM-talk] Inconsistencies in Mapnik render style for churches

Norbert Wenzel n_wenzel at gmx.net
Wed Sep 3 20:26:02 BST 2008


I was just wondering because there are two churches in the same 
region[0] rendering differently. The whole region should have been 
rerendered today.

The one "Pfarrzentrum Rif St. Albrecht" (the left one) is a catholic 
church which shows as a simple square in zoomlevel 16 and is rendered 
with a cross in all higher zoom levels. The name is only rendered in 
zoom level 18. I

The other one is only tagged as christian, since I do not know it well 
enough to tag the denomination correctly. (It is a smaller free church.) 
This on is rendered always with the cross, but the name is only shown in 
z17 and disappears again in z18.

Shouldn't both churches be rendered the same in every zoom level, since 
they only differ on the denomination (and of course the name) property? 
Or are that different rendering styles intentional?


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