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Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Mon Sep 15 14:40:29 BST 2008

Nick Barnes wrote:
> Gervase Markham wrote:
>>     OK, put it this way: if we were to choose name=__noname__ as the
>>     value, I'd make it my life ambition to get a road named as __noname__
> <snip>
> Am I alone in thinking that this is an argument not worth having?
> If a road has no name, then the road's name is ''. That is, every road
> has a name, it's just that some roads may have a name with zero
> characters in it.
> This is the only logical way of handling this, surely? It makes perfect
> sense and doesn't involve any additional tags or black magic. Any other
> solution involves a botch, a workaround or may be made nonsensical.
> For example:
> name=__NONAME__
> (as has been pointed out, what happens if there is a road with the name
> '__NONAME__'?)
> name=The Avenue
> noname=yes
> (would be allowed and yet is logically incorrect. In addition, which
> takes precidence?)
> Yet:
> name=
> makes perfect sense.

However the editors don't support the value field to be blank, as they 
use it as a way to remove the value. A name of space ' ' would be the 
next best alternative.

It should be also noted that the nonames map is to be used as a tool to 
know where there is some mapping effort to run mapping parties should be 
placed, rather than a definitive "no road should be red".


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