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On 9 Apr 2009, at 17:44, Ed Avis wrote:

> Pieren <pieren3 <at> gmail.com> writes:
>>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/ 
>>> Aerial_photography_funding_appeals
>> The wiki says about this supplier:
>> About $17 per sq km for basic 2 meter resolution photography.
> Does that mean that each pixel covers an area roughly 2m by 2m?  If  
> so this is
> not any better than the Yahoo aerial imagery that OSM can already  
> use for many
> countries.  (It could still be worth buying for places not covered  
> by Yahoo.)

I am proposing it's use in places where there is not yahoo photography  
or where it is too out-of-date to be useful.

We used the 2 meter resolution photography in Gaza and it was ok for  
roads and larger buildings. I believe that the terms means that it  
will resolve something that is 2 meters across so that you will see it  
which means the pixel size if significantly smaller. There are higher  
resolution sources at higher prices but the basic 2 meter stuff seemed  
a good starting point.

> The aerial photographs used by People's Map are from getmapping.com  
> (in fact, it
> seems to be run by the same people somehow) and those have a  
> resolution of
> either 25cm or 12.5cm.  That's the kind of detail that would really  
> help with
> mapping those council estates and car parks.
> <http://www2.getmapping.com/Support/Aerial-Photography-Coverage-%281999-to-2003%29 
> >
> At this detail level they will sell a 10km * 10km area for 1850  
> GBP.  At least
> nine such areas would be required to cover inner London (the area of  
> a 'Mini
> A-Z').  However, this price is for '1 to 10 hard copies' - I don't  
> know how much
> they would want in exchange for providing photos that can be used in  
> OSM.  Since
> OSM is a competitor to People's Map, they might ask a lot.

The vital thing is to confirm that the license explicitly allows one  
to derive mapping from the photography and that the photography  
supplier doesn't not claim any rights over the derived mapping .  
Digital Globe makes it very clear that this is allowed and the  
GetMapping photography does not as far as I can see. Personally I  
suggest we only consider suppliers who already have suitable terms of  



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