[OSM-talk] Wiki help

Martin Fossdal Guttesen mguttesen at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 6 20:33:04 GMT 2009

Can somebody please edit the import catalog page for me 
it is too complex for a newbie wiki like me

fields to insert

Name= us.fo
DataSource= http://www.us.fo
License = public domain
Area=Faroe Islands
Source = Umhvørvisstovan www.us.fo 
there was an spelling mistake in the source tag so many are 
source= Unhvørvisstovan www.us.fo
Start Date= 2009-07-10
End date = updated regulary
Contact = LiFo
Notes = only Addresses

and link to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import/Catalogue/usfo

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