[OSM-talk] OSMF: The people you are going to hand over your OSM data ...

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Mon Dec 7 13:09:13 GMT 2009

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Maarten Deen schreef:
>> You cannot see the process how Cloudmade, Geofabrik and others process
>> their data. You do not get anything back from how companies that use OSM
>> for visual representation. And if Google offers OSM in GoogleEarth and
>> maps you are actually benefiting from several things that you cannot get
>> now:
> I thought that using OSM data now means also contributing to OSM. With the
> new license, is this not necessary anymore? Can you just take the data and
> not give back?

Contribution 'upstream' (as in OSM) is not required now, the
contribution and the derived works are made available on the same license.

If your question is; "Can anyone use OSM without giving back?", sure
they can. Since 80n already pointed it out that the license change was
actually invented to facilitate more usage (hence BBC Broadcasts for
example) the chances that the big 'G' company is going to use OSM, might
even increase by the license change.

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