[OSM-talk] How is there not any creative-type (US) copyright in OSM data?

Anthony osm at inbox.org
Sun Dec 13 16:45:26 GMT 2009

On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 11:35 AM, Anthony <osm at inbox.org> wrote:

> Just like if I use the OSM database to determine a route, or to determine
> which streets are missing from my own map, or to determine the locations of
> all the fire stations in Tampa.

Or if I took a rendered Mapnik map and then traced the streets.  Any
creativity within the original work would likely be gone.  Or, for the areas
I'm interested in (mostly in the United States) I'd just go back to the PD
TIGER data and then trace only the parts that have been significantly
modified.  Overpass information is likely not copyrightable.  So that part
could be imported automatically.

To be sure, if I wanted to free OSM from copyright, I'd make my own
designations of roads as primary/secondary/tertiary/etc (and probably use
different designations all together).  I'd choose the categories of POIs to
extract, and leave out the others.  (I don't think individual POI
latitude/longitude pairs are copyrightable, but the selection of which POIs
to include and which POIs not to include might be.)

Personally, I wouldn't bother with all this, because CC-BY-SA is fine for
me.  If OSM goes to ODbL I probably will use some of these techniques when
extracting modifications made after the fork with my area of interest,
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