[OSM-talk] Google launches "Indigenous Mapping" workshop

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Dec 23 20:51:05 GMT 2009


Roy Wallace wrote:
> "Google and the Indigenous Mapping Network are teaming up to put on a
> two day workshop on the Google campus to teach people from native
> communities how to use Google's mapping technologies."
> I wonder if the "Indigenous Mapping Network" have heard of OSM?

Maybe not. But then I view all this Google activity not with the same 
skepticism that others seem to have. I think someone who is mapping for 
Google is still better than someone who is not mapping at all! It takes 
enormous resources to (where reqired)

- explain to people what maps are ;-)
- make them understand that maps are not god-given or a government thing 
but you can (help) make them yourself
- train people to look out for the things that are important for map making

A population that has these skills and this knowledge is a much more 
fertile environment for OSM to flourish in - even if that initial 
awareness has come from Google.


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