[OSM-talk] Wiki: chriscf vandalism

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 1 12:31:25 GMT 2009

Nop schrieb:
> Hi!
> Pieren schrieb:
>> I would suggest the following changes in the wiki:
>> - replace "vote" by "opinion poll"
>> - replace "I approve"/"I oppose" by "I like it"/"I don't like it"

... and add - as already discussed - "I don't mind but not against it"
>> - replace "approved" feature status by "valuable"

... I would prefer "recommended"
>> - split the map features page in two parts "core map features" for
>> well established tags (e.g. used by more thant 50% of the
>> contributors) and another map features page for the rest.
> This would be a considerable improvement. Splitting map features into 
> established by mass use and suggestions would help a lot.

Please do not split up the map features page!

We already have the key pages showing a feature in more detail, my 
feeling is splitting it up further is adding confusion and in the end 
won't help a lot.

What might make more sense is to add the "discussion status" to the 
entries, e.g. something like: "widely used", "rarely used" or "under 
heavy discussion" (just an example, don't mind the exact phrases). This 
could be done with a new text column or the use of specific background 

This doesn't solve the real problem. But at least indicates better where 
there's no real consensus.

Regards, ULFL

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