[OSM-talk] Algorithm (was Wiki: chriscf vandalism)

Nic Roets nroets at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 20:22:17 GMT 2009

Let's start by describing the output : An easy to understand, yet
comprehensive guide to tagging everything. The guide must contain :
1. Descriptions of all the tags.
2. An index (preferred) or search page that emphasizes the most popular tags
and deemphasizes the unpopular tags.

The world wide web is arranged in the same way with the index being
generated by Page Rank or substitute.

Our algorithm only has a few possible inputs per tag : Tagwatch, vote count,
software support etc. We just need to decide what linear weights to use.
Since voting requires very little effort it shouldn't have a weight higher
than tagwatch.

>From the web we learn a few things :
1. Manipulation of results esp. when the algorithm and weights are publicly
2. Computer generated indexes often contain duplicates and irrelevant

So our current Map Features page performs quite well, given that the
algorithm is performed by hand. We may need to make the algorithm a bit more
formal, e.g. by requiring that tags must have a score higher than N before
they are included.
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