[OSM-talk] Oxford PhD Fieldwork

Joe Gerlach joe.gerlach at jesus.ox.ac.uk
Mon Feb 2 14:41:12 GMT 2009

Open-Source Cartography: Affect, Virtuality and Performativity

School of Geography, University of Oxford


Hi all,

I'm Joe, a PhD student at Oxford's school of geography.

My PhD is concerned with the emergence of open-source technologies and
organisations, with a specific interest in open-source cartographies.

Why? Because, so far, in academic geography at least, groups like OSM have
been largely ignored, and academics have failed to grasp the importance of
participatory geographies.

The research is interested in why people get involved in open-source mapping
and moreover, how do these participatory and web 2.0 methods affect both our
conception of space, and our behaviour/movement in space.

As such, I'm very keen to get involved in OSM projects, whether in the UK or
anywhere else in the world.

If there are any projects or schemes which would not be bothered by having a
student tagging along and getting involved, please let me know. Ideally it
would be get to know a project from its inception to its completion, but I
would be keen to get to know existing projects as well. I hope the research
would help provide more visibility for such open-source projects which are
becoming ever more important and relevant to the way we map space.

Many thanks for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Of course if you would like to know more, please do get in touch!



Joe Gerlach

Oxford University Centre for the Environment

00 44 (0) 07851 615 813

joe.gerlach at ouce.ox.ac.uk

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