[OSM-talk] Mapping Parties and Conferences in Southern California

Brandon Aguirre brandon at cloudmade.com
Mon Feb 2 16:50:16 GMT 2009

Hey Global Mappers!

Do you live in Southern California or plan on attending either BIL  
Conference and/or SCALE this month? Sign up for one of my mapping  
parties, check out the OSM booth at SCALE, look for me and Steve Coast  
at BIL Conference next weekend or let me know if you are part of a  
group that would like to hear a presentation at one of your meetings.

I'm looking to connect with existing mappers and sign up new mappers,  
get you even more excited about mapping and complete the US portion of  
the map. I've provided my schedule below as well as some links for  
signing up for mapping parties.

Fri. Feb 6- Sun. Feb. 8, Bil Conference, Long Beach, California
Fri. Feb 13- Sun. Feb. 15, Orange County Mapping Party, Irvine,  
Thu. Feb 19- Sun. Feb 22, SCALE 7x Expo, Los Angeles, California
Fri. Feb. 27- Sun. Mar. 1, Los Angeles Mapping Party, Los Angeles,  
Fri. Mar. 13- Sun. Mar. 15, San Diego Mapping Party, San Diego,  


Check out OpenStreetMap on Facebook!
and more about me on my wiki page:

I'm also looking to round out my list of volunteers to man the OSM  
booth at SCALE. If you are interested, let me know (exhibit volunteers  
receive free full expo passes, so get a hold of me quick, I don't have  
many left!!!)


Brandon Aguirre
Community Development

Skype: bragpdx
Twitter: bragpdx
brandon at cloudmade.com

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