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Renaud MICHEL r.h.michel+osm at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 06:41:06 GMT 2009

Le mardi 03 février 2009 à 04:27, Kim Hawtin a écrit :
> what i'd really like is a mode where i can edit the GPS trails.
> just top and tailing the junk off the ends where the GPS was started
> and stopped, any time where you are are effectively indoors...

Yes i'd also like to have such editing features.

> also splitting large GPS trails into smaller more manageable sections.

Splitting can easily be done manually with a text editor, GPX files are XML 
files with a simple structure.

> one of the issues i have is that i can spend a fair bit of time
> trailing and can upload those trails, but don't always have the
> notes to go with to identify the specific journey. you have to upload
> the trail to the web site before you know where it is, and them edit
> the other attributes to go with it. so being able to use josm to get
> your bearings about which GPS trail it is before uploading it would
> be handy...

You may open GPX files in JOSM before you upload them.

Renaud Michel

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