[OSM-talk] Osm2pgsql fails with Finland.osm.bz2

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Feb 4 15:59:06 GMT 2009


Jukka Rahkonen wrote:
> Processing: Node(2835k) Way(194k) Relation(0k)terminate called after throwing an
>  instance of 'geos::util::TopologyException'
>   what():  TopologyException: found non-noded intersection between 2.78294e+006
> 9.41427e+006, 2.78315e+006 9.41433e+006 and 2.78326e+006 9.41433e+006, 2.78269e+
> 006 9.41433e+006 2.78315e+006 9.41433e+006

Reverse-projecting that into lat/lon gives 24.999;64.252. If you check 
the area in OSM Inspector:


you will see that there are a number of geometry errors and quite 
possibly self-intersecting ways near the town of Oulainen. One of these 
is very likely responsible for the error you are seeing, however I 
cannot tell you why osm2pgsql chokes on this when it happily processes 
the myriad other geometry errors that OSM Inspector spots.

You can select an object and then use the icons on the right to load it 
in an (already running) JOSM or launch Potlatch for that object.


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