[OSM-talk] Donations and bank accounts

Thorsten Feles onelist at gsmnetze.de
Fri Feb 6 16:15:58 GMT 2009

Tom Hughes schrieb:
> Stefan Baebler wrote:
>>>     > Gary68 wrote:
>>>     >> I for sure won't sign on to PayPal. And I won't give my bank
>>>     xxEUR for
>>>     >> shipping a few bucks across the channel.
>> Within Europe SEPA [1] transfers are probably the cheapest (for both
>> parties, in some cases even free with certain bank accounts) way to make
>> international money transfers.
> SEPA rules do apply when transferring to the UK (though most UK banks 
> will happily pretend they don't) but only when transferring to an 
> account denominated in Euros, which most UK accounts aren't ;-)
>> When I just tried to make such donation per instructions [2], i got an
>> error: BIC code is either invalid or not in the list of codes for SEPA
>> orders. (original slovenian: "Nepravilna BIC koda, ali BIC koda ni v
>> šifrantu za SEPA naloge")
> Because you're transferring to a GBP account not an EUR account, so even 
> if it did work using BIC/IBAN the transfer wouldn't be subject to SEPA 
> rules and there would be no restrictions on the charges that could be 
> levied.

Should not be too difficult to set up a Euro bank account in the UK. I
do not know about the costs, but it might be cheaper then paying for
each Euro transaction an extra fee. Or use Fossgis or somebody else as a
trustee. Just keeping in mind that are much more people living in the
Euro zone then there are in the UK. Or just have a look at the
contributer base, most of them are outside of the UK. So please do not
waste money by not getting organized  ;-)


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