[OSM-talk] Hit my server

Jonas Svensson jonass at lysator.liu.se
Sat Feb 7 15:27:21 GMT 2009

Thanks to everyone! I will shut down the server in a few minutes.

Regarding purpose and what I learned: So far I learned that a 
server does not need as much disk space as I expected. Postgres 
uses about 40GB (full planet but no relations) and the tile cache 
has still not reached 1 GB. Ram is very useful for cache but 
otherwise does not seem to be quite critical. cpu power is really 
needed for realtime rendering, as some of you have seen when 
waiting for tiles and only getting 404. I guess cpu limits can, to 
some extent, be avoided by prerendering tiles more agressivly. A 
lot of cpu cores could have been useful too I assume.

The server has been a virtual machine by KVM in Ubuntu. Running 
32bits ubuntu, about 3GB ram, 60GB disk and using a single core in 
an Intel Core 2 duo 2.4 GHz. Importing the planet to the database 
took about 12h.

Some of you has also mentioned the choice of language for the map. 
I selected in this order: primarily swedish (name:sv), english 
(name:en), german (name:de), french (name:fr), spanish (name:es) 
and otherwise local/default (name). From this I learned that it is 
not so easy to set up a regionalized server as one might think. 
Places in the main area of a language does not always have a name 
tag with the main language. For example Gothenburg in Sweden were 
tagged as name-Göteborg and name:en-Gothenburg and since name:sv 
where missing, my name selection failed. If I had selected only one 
preferred language I could have avoided that problem. Depending on 
if I would like to high light the problem or avoid it.


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