[OSM-talk] undeleting ways?

MP singularita at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 16:34:49 GMT 2009

>> Hmmm .... but potlatch must have some way of querying for deleted
>> ways - if it is not the main API, is it something documented
>> somewhere? Some hidden API? Or should I try my luck with browsing
>> through potlatch sources or perhaps using wireshark to find out?
> Or you could ask me. :)
> It's a 'proper' Rails method, but it's only exposed via Potlatch's AMF
> calls, not via the XML interface used by other clients. If you wanted to
> access it from a non-Flash environment you'd have to use an AMF library, in
> your scripting language of choice - available at the least for Ruby, Perl,
> Python and PHP - to generate the calls.

I tried searching on CPAN for AMF classes, but I have found only
server-side libraries for perl - I found code to create an AMF serice,
but no code to call it. Do you know of any Perl package to call the
AMF code? AMFPHP seem to be server-side only too and Ruby and Python
are languages I am not familiar with.

> You can then call whichways_deleted(left,bottom,right,top) in
> /api/0.5/amf/read to return an array of deleted ways[1] within the bbox; and
> getway_old(way_id,0) to retrieve one of these deleted ways. Let me know if
> you want to do this and I can explain further how the deleted way is
> returned.

I found documentation on AMF format from Adobe, but no documentation
about how the methods are actually called.

Is there already somewhere some example code that calls something on
server using AMF in perl or PHP?

BTW is there any plan to expose this part of API as a traditional XML
interface too in the future?


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