[OSM-talk] Long Ways and API 0.6

MP singularita at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 19:57:50 GMT 2009

> And why is that? We cannot just split relations. I thought it was the
> whole purpose of relations to have everything together.
> So I guess you then propose something like a "super-relation". But
> that's not exactly user friendly: suppose I started tagging a 200 km
> long walking route from two opposite sides and work toward each other.
> So they now suddenly realize that you reached 1000 ways and haven't
> closed the gap in between. So now you'd have to add a new relation
> between those two parts to be able to finish the route? And too bad if
> you've reached 1000 ways in one relation and need to split a way up
> into two. I don't think there are any tools normal users can work with
> to completely reorganize relations.

Since relation can have other relation as members, maybe it can be
fixed that way.
In the "route" relation we can have "next" and "prev" members,
pointing to next and previous up to 1000 ways segment of that route.
Possibly most problems could be solved by that relation chaining, but
I think such things should be at least proposed on wiki or perhaps
pushed into map features before people start handling oversized
relations by themselves, everyone in their own way.

> Furthermore, relations into relations are usually completely unsupported
> at all (renderers or editors).

DTD for relations allows having another relation as a member. JOSM
seems to support that, though I have not tested it thoroughly. And the
relation editor in JOSM is currently very user-unfriendly.


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