[OSM-talk] Long Ways and API 0.6

MP singularita at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 20:08:23 GMT 2009

> Routes can happily be split -- the primary point of relations here is
> to allow more than one route following the same way. It's not like
> we're trying to build categories or similar -- we don't need to
> because we can always match tags.

Not always - there can be more routes on one road  for example one
international route plus perhaps a bicycle route, marked trail or
route of some bus line. There is for example international bicycle
route from Prague to Vienna (about 420km), most of it is on local
routes of even some forest trails, often switching roads and therefore
having lot of relation members. Many parts of it will be shared with
another bicycle routes so you can't just forget relation and "match

1000 relation members will be enough for most uses but what about the
few that are larger?


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