[OSM-talk] Long Ways and API 0.6 - multirelations

Dirk-Lüder Kreie osm-list at deelkar.net
Mon Feb 9 10:31:36 GMT 2009

Frederik Ramm schrieb:
> I don't think Dave was thinking of anything more than two different 
> relations (partly) using the same ways. That would not warrant any 
> special kind of relation.
> For situations in which you want relations contained in relations - e.g. 
> in a situation where a nationwide cycle route comprises 5.000 ways and 
> thus cannot be expressed in one single relation -, what I suggest is 
> creating a number of "sub relations" that are members of a "super 
> relation" with the same tags as the "sub relation". (The super relation 
> might have a different "name" tag from the sub relations, in case you 
> want to name your sub-relations "blah cycleway, southern section" or so).

I would solve this in a sort-of linked-list relation group.

i.e. every section gets it's own relation, with the ways as members,
plus the relations of the adjacent bits as additional members.
(role=adjacent, perhaps)


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