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On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 12:33 AM, Jochen Topf <jochen at remote.org> wrote:

> But! There always is a but, isn't there. :-) When I look at popular
> maps, a very common thing is to only paint part of the map boundaries in
> the water. Normally only out from the coast for a few kilometers and
> maybe between islands or so. Does that mean we have to tag those parts
> differently?

Look at proposal 2 on the wiki page. This was my original proposal, but I
have changed my mind, as the most common ways to do this, seems to be
rendering either territorial waters or baseline/internal waters with
countries on both sides.

OK, so proposal 3 is not perfect for all renderers, but it is a pretty good
start for the most common rendering needs, and it reflects the legal
situation for these borders pretty well. It also is a good starting point
for fiddling in the database to get other rendering rules. I have asked if
you can come up with a rendering rules for your proposal (which is still not
documented in the wiki) for the most common ways to render maps. I will
provide some for proposal 3 as sson as I have the time.

> Maybe boundary=somewhat_important? Its nice to tag things
> to make it easier for the renderers, but first we should tag them for
> what they are. And the boundary out on the water is an administrative
> boundary like all the others. So it should be boundary=administrative.
> If you want to, you can add extra tags as hints to renderers.

No, they are not administrative borders "like all the others". They are part
of a hiearchy, where territorial waters is the most important. Please take
another look at

How should internal waters, contigious zone and EEZ be tagged? They are also

 - Gustav
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