[OSM-talk] OSM on The Reg

MP singularita at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 20:02:57 GMT 2009

> The concept of an editor is already too complex for most people.
> This guy searches for command buttons  corresponding to it's
> first desire:  "add a road", or "add a cycleway", or "change road",

Then let them add road (highway=road) and then let the "geeks" figure
out if it is secondary, residential, unclassified or whatever...

Maybe add some "complete novice" mode in potlatch, with things like
"add road", "add river" ... I guess no more than 15 functions ... and
perhaps make it a bit foolproof, so users won't accidentally move
existing roads by dragging ways/nodes elsewhere when clicking on the
map furiously. Maybe the last button in row would be to enter "expert
mode", aka old potlatch

Perhaps change the "created_by" to "Potlatch novice mode" or alike for
data created in the novice mode, so we can spot bugs created by
inexperienced users easier.


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