[OSM-talk] Curling icons for OSM

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Fri Feb 13 11:38:16 GMT 2009

I wrote:

> And I've updated my client, added tiles 1132,1500 (for Martin)
> and
> 2183,1239 (for Richard) to the requests list, am also rendering
> them
> here in case the people servicing the requests started doing so
> before their update triggered, and will upload my results if
> the
> currently rendering requests don't contain the committed icon.

But... the icon didn't seem to render on my machine. 

In osm-map-features-z17 I have the rule
		<rule e="node" k="sport" v="curling">
			<symbol ref="curling" position="center"/>
which suggests it should work. The svg is in the correct folder. But
after rendering, and before uploading, I checked the images in the
tile zip files. 17_36241_48016 and 17_69886_39676 are the ones I
think the icons should show in, but they didn't.


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