[OSM-talk] Greenland street and aerial geodata to OSM

Kærast kaerast at qvox.org
Sat Feb 14 14:41:31 GMT 2009


I tried downloading shapefiles from the website, and all I was getting
was a message that the file was empty and there might not be any data.
The map data certainly looks very detailed, so it would be awesome if
we could get this imported.

> By a donation we are able distribute data to osm, google and yahoo.

Does that mean we need to make a donation in order to receive the
data?  I'm confused.  If not, you need to confirm that licensing is all

If it's going to be a case of tracing the available imagery through
WMS then a josm plugin similar to the cadastre one is what is needed.
In which case talking to the people behind that would be a good idea.
Otherwise, I can handle shapefile imports (just about), but it needs
coordinating properly as there is rather a lot to import.

I'd suggest starting a page on the wiki to discuss how the import is to
happen, and if possible get all the data out of the arctic so that it
is available for fast download by OSM users.  Looking at itoworld for
Nuuk there are a couple of people who have been mapping the area
recently, so there certainly are active mappers in the country.


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