[OSM-talk] "News blog" link - to blogs.openstreetmap.org?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Feb 16 23:18:50 GMT 2009


SteveC wrote:
> As you both know several years of work went in to that blog, and not  
> just by me.  Maybe you should both think twice before dismissing it all.

It would help if, instead of

* singling out participants ("you both"),
* making false allegation (that they wanted to "dismiss it all"), and
* implying that their postings are thoughtless ("think twice")

you would simply do your part in answering the valid questions raised, 
namely by 80n and, after your posting, Gustav:

Who writes that blog?

For some reason, maybe a bug in Wordpress, if you click on the archives 
then you don't see who wrote the articles, which gives total chaos ("I", 
"We", "I", and you never know who it is!).

Going through the "Previous Entries" button, which does give the account 
names, I count you, Nick, AndyR, 80n, Mikel, RichardF, Administrator, 
ewmjc - and then I think Imi also had an account.

You could just have said that, and added "but if you have something to 
contribute just e-mail me and you'll get an account", and that could 
have been the end of it.

I am quite sure that Nick has regularly asked for contributors who would 
be willing to distill a week's talk from the lists into blog postings, 
so I know perfectly well that this blog is, at least in theory, intended 
to be open for community contributions, intended to be a blog that is at 
least co-written by the community. I don't see anything wrong with it 
and I'm sure nobody has the plan to actually "dismiss" it. An answer 
reaffirming this fact in one single sentence would have been good.

(The "Follow SteveC on Twitter" link is perhaps a bit out of place 
because today, following you on Twitter will not necessarily tell one 
anything interesting about OSM or OpenGeoData; this was probably 
different when the link was put there. Maybe this link, to some, gives 
the impression that this was a "Steve and friends" blog, and as such it 
could of course not be "the OSM news blog". Without the link, and with 
perhaps a few more non-SteveC contributors, it would become clearer that 
this is indeed intended as the main OSM news blog.)

Additionally, OJW has a point in saying that the community blog mix we 
have at blogs.openstreetmap.org gives an interesting indication of 
"buzz" and lifeblood in this project, even though there are many 
irrelevant things ("Added Wee Poo Road") or even things in non-English 
languages ("Alles muss seine Ordnung haben!").


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