[OSM-talk] [Talk-us] NHD Dataset

Tomáš Tichý t.tichy at post.cz
Tue Feb 17 05:52:38 GMT 2009

>> Maybe Frederik was saying that the former is okay. My curiousity in that
>> case is just if renderers -- especially Mapnik -- will actually support
>> these things. (I can't imagine it working for osmarender, but that is
>> less concenring to me.)
> The JOSM build-in renderer already supports them, and there is a patch
> for Osmarender that does. And with so many bright minds at work on
> Mapnik it can only be a question of time until Mapnik supports that kind
> of relation as well. (The fact that, for stability, you should not rely
> on correct ordering of the relation's members even though 0.6 supports
> ordering makes things a *little* more difficult to process, but
> requiring correct ordering of editors and mappers would probably
> introduce too many errors.)

Mapnik already support this,see:

But production osmarender not yet:

What's the problem with osmarender patch?

Tomas Tichy

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