[OSM-talk] Intermittent rendering of multipolygons for buildings

Dirk-Lüder Kreie osm-list at deelkar.net
Tue Feb 17 11:15:36 GMT 2009

Dan Karran schrieb:
> I'm trying to render some buildings with holes in and using
> multipolygon relations to do it, but they don't always render. See,
> for example Whitehall[1], where the HMRC/Treasury building is rendered
> with its holes but the Foreign Office building to the north of it
> doesn't have its multiple holes rendered, nor does the smaller
> building to the east of this which only has one inner and one outer
> part.
> Would be grateful for any insight.

Mapnik seems to have trouble with more than one hole.
if you look closely the HMRC/Treasury is not mapped as one, but two
buildings, each with one hole.

As to the building to the east, I don't know.

Dirk-Lüder "Deelkar" Kreie
Bremen - 53.0952°N 8.8652°E

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