[OSM-talk] [tagging] RFC :left/:right (asymmetrical roadside features)

Norbert Hoffmann nhoffmann at spamfence.net
Tue Feb 17 13:03:45 GMT 2009

Andy Allan wrote:

>And nobody pays attention. The main problem is that two-way roads have
>no inherent, real-world, "direction" - neither side of the road is the
>right or the left. Or rather, both sides of the road are the right or
>the left, depending on which way you are facing.

And that's why in real-world you would say "Look in the direction to the
railstation and then the church is on your left."

If you want to describe objects with a handedness you'll need some concept
of sides. If you call it left/right, green/red or "nearer to some related
point at the side"/"farther from ..." doesn't really make a difference.

Perhaps, if always the same proposal is made ("Let's use the order stored
in the db to define a /direction/ of a way and then use "right" and "left"
to /name/ the sides.") this is the most user friendly method?

Norbert "has followed the discussions for only the last 1 1/2 years"

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