[OSM-talk] [tagging] RFC :left/:right (asymmetrical roadside features)

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Feb 17 16:58:34 GMT 2009

> This is not the case with either JOSM 1318 or JOSM 1418 (the
> current
> josm-latest.jar). I've tested with cycleway:left=track as well
> as
> foo:left=42. Probably this would need to be raised as a
> separate bug if
> people express general satisfaction.
> Can't speak for Potla(t)ch, not tried.

I guess I should have tested, rather than relying on my memory. This post:
does suggest that JOSM supported it. 

I also think I tried it in Potlatch recently when I reversed a boundary way with district:left/district:right tags (or maybe county:left/county:right tags), though haven’t gone back to remember whether I've remembered the tagging correctly. I do know I used the Potlatch button to copy tags from one boundary way section to another and then (using local knowledge) ended up having to swap all the left and right values in one case.


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