[OSM-talk] Announce: OSM2Go map editor 0.6.13 released for Maemo, Debian, and Ubuntu

Andrew Chadwick (mailing lists) andrewc-email-lists at piffle.org
Wed Feb 18 01:02:23 GMT 2009

The OSM2go mobile map editor has been updated, please update your copies 
if you're following what we do :)

This version adds full editability of relations, and we'd really love 
your feedback. So it's available as binaries for a number of popular 

* If you're running the program on a Nokia internet tablet,
   0.6.13-maemo1 should be available in the maemo-extra repository
   within a day or two, although sadly not for chinook users (their
   automated build system appears to be broken)

* If you're running Ubuntu or Debian stable (intrepid or lenny), binary
   packages are available for i386 at


   along with source packages.

Have fun, take care, and send your bug reports to

Andrew Chadwick

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