[OSM-talk] Announce: OSM2Go map editor 0.6.13 released for Maemo, Debian, and Ubuntu

Andrew Chadwick (email lists) andrewc-email-lists at piffle.org
Wed Feb 18 18:21:36 GMT 2009

Robert Vollmert wrote:
> Finally got around to giving it a try: it compiled fine on OS X, though
> installation required the following patch, as "install -D" is a GNUism.

Ta for the patch; just committed to trunk.

> I didn't do more than change a couple of tags so far, but the first
> impression was very good! Very smooth interface, congratulations! I'll
> try using it for a bit at least.

Thanks. I've opened up the bug report/feature request system at
https://garage.maemo.org/tracker/?group_id=830 so that in theory anyone
can raise bugs without having to get themselves a garage account. Should
ease the process...

> The very first impression was slightly less good: it's quite difficult
> to set up a new "project" -- did I miss some way to paste a slippy map
> URL, or is there a slippy map chooser available or planned?

Now *that* would be a worthwhile new feature. If you're using it on an
n810 of course, you can use the rather excellent maemo-mapper to zoom in
and get a view; it's still a little clunky though. Having something
built-in would be interesting.

Anybody out there have a GPL3-compatible GTK2 slippy map coordinate
selector widget coded up in C? :) Ideally goocanvas-based....

Andrew Chadwick

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