[OSM-talk] NGA Country Files Converter into OSM format

kaerast at qvox.org kaerast at qvox.org
Thu Feb 19 22:37:53 GMT 2009


There's a csv2osm script (in svn I think) which will handle the
conversion and upload, but you'll want to stop it from uploading
automatically to check first.  The only place I have looked at using
this data source is for Turkey, and it didn't seem too accurate - many
places were quite some distance away from where they should be, there
were villages I didn't recognise, and there were villages with incorrect

Try a small-scale import for your part of the world using csv2osm (it
copes well with existing data) to see how accurate you find it, but
don't be too hopeful.

nb.I may be incorrectly remembering the name of this script, and it
needed a little modifying to be compatable with api 0.5, but it worked
fine for the oil wells I imported recently.


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