[OSM-talk] Mapnik boundaries

sly (sylvain letuffe) liste at letuffe.org
Fri Feb 20 13:17:50 GMT 2009

On Friday 20 February 2009 14:09, Ben Laenen wrote:
> Since no-one seems to bother, it's likely these lines in osm2pgsql that 
> are causing a problem here:
>     else if( strcmp( type, "boundary" ) == 0 )
>     {
>         make_polygon = 1;
>     }
> (in 

I remember being at the begging of this, I needed it for boundary conversion 
to polygon, but just wanted a quick hack to do it. Don't really remember why, 
but someone pushed it to the svn :


dev might well be a better place to discuss this, that code could be removed 
if I'm the only one to use it (or pushed into a style's switch)

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