[OSM-talk] amenity=doctor or amenity=doctors ? [tagging]

Renaud MICHEL r.h.michel+osm at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 19:55:19 GMT 2009

Le dimanche 22 février 2009 à 14:19, Guenther Meyer a écrit :
> Am Sonntag 22 Februar 2009 schrieb Dave Stubbs:
> > You could just /not/ run a bot on it. Seriously, these tag correcting
> > bots can be really annoying. As long as it's documented both ways it
> > can be trivially implemented both ways.
> but why should we use two different tags for the same thing?
> it would be better to consolidate this...

I agree.
I am a recent (4 months) contributor to OSM and I sometimes find it annoying 
to have multiple, sometimes incompatible, tagging used for the same 
Sometimes I just don't tag something, not knowing an acceptable way to do 
so. So I acually concentrate on roads which have a good consensus on the 
tagging (and is the main purpose of OSM).

Renaud Michel

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