[OSM-talk] GPX trace vandalism?

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Mon Feb 23 10:57:18 GMT 2009

Tanveer Singh wrote:

> Okay, I enabled just my track, and at one point, its done the same
> even with my track. Well its dumped from oziexplorer, and shows up
> perfectly well on my PC GPSTRACKMAKER etc.,
> Now Oziexplorer and many other programs have this auto trackpoint
> dump. So if you travel in an arrow straight line , you will just get 2
> points. These may be spaced apart by more than 3 minutes.
> Can't OSM just intelligently join the tracks like GPS trackmaker etc., do.
> This is a big nuisance. Many times while logging, I may park car,
> switch off GPS, and go out for 30 minutes. When I come back I will
> turn it back on, and gps will start writing track from where I left
> off. Moreover, if I am in a big traffic jam on a straight road, I may
> not get points every three minutes. I have been stuck at same location
> without moving an inch for 15 minutes on occaisons. Yes we have
> traffic jams so bad. I guess why New Delhi area is such a mess when it
> comes to GPS tracks. I guess some fundamental change has to be done in
> Poltach software so that it does not ruin things like this!

I think you're misunderstanding. All that will happen if you have a gap 
of more than three minutes is that those two points won't be joined up.

What you are seeing is what happens when you have two points in your 
trace which are a long way apart physically but close together (less 
than three minutes) in time. Which suggests that the timestamps in the 
trace are not correct.

I expect the other application you are using is using the order of the 
points in the trace as the order in which to draw them but we don't 
import that information so we only have the timestamp to go on.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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