[OSM-talk] amenity=doctor or amenity=doctors ? [tagging]

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Feb 23 21:00:01 GMT 2009

Someoneelse (?) wrote:

> which makes it clear that it's about the legal right of access
> rather
> than the physical possibility of doing so.

Of course. It all makes sense now. Thanks. Guess I'd better check
some of my bicycle=yes tags that I've added to various footways :(

> Finally - a question.  How widespread is the use of the yellow
> / blue /
> red scheme described on UK_public_rights_of_way?  I've seen it
> southwest
> of London and maybe parts of Oxfordshire, but don't recall it
> elsewhere.

I don't know any byways around here, but I've seen both the yellow
and blue arrows (on footpaths and bridleways), although sometimes
the old concrete finger posts with the writing on the sign are more
obvious. I'm in Essex, so the arrows seem to have the Essex council
logo on them.
e.g. http://flickr.com/photos/edloach/3304768464/


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