[OSM-talk] JOSM shortcuts/macro for Gaza editing

Kærast kaerast at qvox.org
Tue Feb 24 10:50:49 GMT 2009

On Mon, 23 Feb 2009 12:14:53 +0000
LeedsTracker <leedstracker at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> When adding roads, I default to highway=road and source=OSM
> WikiProject Gaza
>  - I think source is useful for future reference when adding from
> satellite imagery (inc Yahoo's).
> I could do with a keyboard shortcut that applies these to a selected
> way in JOSM.

The Cadastre josm plugin does something like this for the Cadastre
data.  There is an option which when set will ask you before upload
whether you want to auto-tag the source for newly added items.

I'm not sure how you'd implement it, but you could do something similar
but more generic linked to the WMS plugin.  Something like if a WMS
layer is active, ask whether to auto-tag the source key for newly added
items before uploading.

Java is my least favourite language, so I'm not really the person to be
thinking about implementing this - unless of course nobody else is
willing to.  It shouldn't be too hard for a Java programmer, all the
necessary code is already in place it just needs reusing.


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