[OSM-talk] overuse of highway=path

Mario Salvini salvini at t-online.de
Thu Feb 26 06:21:17 GMT 2009

Cartinus schrieb:
> I just saw the next combination of tags on the following wiki page:
> <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_tags_for_routing/Maxspeed>
> highway=path + bicycle=designated + motor_vehicle=yes
> To me this sounds impossible, since highway path was meant to be used for ways 
> where it was physically and/or legally impossible/disallowed to drive with 
> motorised four or more wheeled vehicles.
> What's next?
> highway=path + motor_vehicle=yes + maxspeed=none
> to tag the Autobahn?
In Germany we got a term calles "bicycle-street". It's designated for 
bicycles ans without exceptions only bicycles are allowed to use. 
Normally there are exceptions e.g. motor_vehicle=destination, but 
motor_vehicle=yes is also possible.

highway=path + bicycle=designated + motor_vehicle=yes

is not a so unworldly situation out there.


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