[OSM-talk] rights of way and designation=*

Mike Harris mikh43 at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 26 16:42:33 GMT 2009


I have added a little to the wiki page - sorry if this should have been on
the 'discussion' rather than the 'edit' tag - I'm still learning the
protocols of osm and wikis in general!

At least adding a new tag designated= avoids my having to go back and change
all the ways I have tagged - I can just add the new tag as and when I next
visit that area of osm ...

I am in a dilemma over :uk / uk: as uk is wrong (see wiki) but clearly the
material is afaik only relevant to England and Wales and not to the rest of
the world - and yet anything other than 'uk' is either long ('England and
Wales') or obscure ('e&w')!


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On Feb 26, 2009, at 11:57, Mike Harris wrote:

> I support Richard's logic 100% but am unsure whether I want to put the 
> effort in to go back and add the tags to all those ways I have done!
> (;>) -
> at least until there had been enough discussion that this was well 
> established as a new standard. Is the proposal for a new key 
> "designation"
> (afaik there isn't such a key yet in (common) use??) with the various 
> values
> - footpath, bridleway, restricted_byway, BOAT and - perhaps - ORPA, 
> adopted, unadopted?

I've had a look at tagwatch (unfortunately not terribly up-to-date) and
documented this suggestion and current use at
. Please flesh the page out! It'd be nice to have a list of sensible values
there; also, should there be a ":uk" or "uk:" in the tag or value?


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