[OSM-talk] rights of way and designation=*

Mike Harris mikh43 at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 26 16:51:23 GMT 2009


Unfortunately no such thing as a "UK public footpath" as the term "public
footpath" only has - afaik - a legal meaning in England and Wales - but I
still agree with Ed and therefore by extension with your conclusion even if
not with the rationale (:>)

United Kingdom = England + Wales + Scotland + Northern Ireland
Great Britain  = England + Wales + Scotland
British Isles  = England + Wales + Scotland + Northern Ireland + Republic of
Little Britain = Amusing satirical TV programme, mostly seen in the United
New Britain    = an island in Papua New Guinea

Scotland has a completely different legal system to England & Wales.


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On Feb 26, 2009, at 12:53, Ed Loach wrote:
> Robert wrote:
>> values there; also, should there be a ":uk" or "uk:" in the tag or 
>> value?
> I wouldn't have thought the uk: was needed, as you can presumably tell 
> that from where the path is. Also, I think the various statuses may 
> vary in the different constituent countries of the UK so the uk:
> tag would also be inappropriate.

And after all, it would be a UK public footpath if it's situated in the UK,
so there's really no need to track that.


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