[OSM-talk] oneway yes or true

Maarten Deen mdeen at xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 27 10:36:18 GMT 2009

sly (sylvain letuffe) wrote:
>> David Earl wrote:
>> > I can't help feeling the effort that I've noticed some contributors
>> > are putting into manually changing oneway=yes to oneway=true
>> > would be better spent doing something more useful.
> Well, JOSM->search->type:way oneway:true
> A nice way to rest my brain.
>> Who's to say what the right answer is when there
>> is no right answer.
> I pretend to know and say (again) that the right answer is not to have
> duplicate tags for the same meaning.
> But, that's not that much about changing them for changing them I'm fighting
> for, but for that :
> http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-fr/2009-January/006179.html
> ( don't want to waste time translating, but get help from google translator if
> you want to read my story )
>> Eek - people are really doing this?
> I am

Whatever it is going to be: it would be nice if the validator plugin in JOSM
will accept this. Currently it's programmed to accept yes/no as a proper tag
and true/false is flagged as incorrect.
That's why I change these tags to yes/no if I encounter them (with the
If I'm then in an editwar with Sylvain, I hope we can do it face to face with
some wine and cheese ;)


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