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Fri Feb 27 10:37:30 GMT 2009

On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 11:20 AM, sly (sylvain letuffe)
<liste at letuffe.org> wrote:
>> What would really add additional information to oneway is: 0, 1 and -1.
>> These values additionally give a direction relative to the direction of
>> the way. Imho only 0, 1 and -1 are the true options for the oneway tag.
> I don't, for the exact same reason you gave above :
> "Lean towards humans"
> "shame on software unable to parse yes/no"

values in {0,1,-1} give more information than both {true,false} and
{yes,no}, so they may be worth choosing over them. Of course values in
{yes,no,reversed} would work as well, even if the "reversed" value
sounds less natural than -1 to me.

Anyway, while we are discussing this tag it may be worth to agree on
one standard, write it on the wiki, set it as the preset in all main
editors and let the alternatives fade into oblivion. To me anyone of
the three currently proposal would do, no preference.

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