[OSM-talk] oneway yes or true

marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 27 11:24:23 GMT 2009

On Fri, 27 Feb 2009 12:15:11 +0100, "sly (sylvain letuffe)"
<liste at letuffe.org> wrote:
> On Friday 27 February 2009 12:06, you wrote:
>> A good way would obviously be to change the map features and then the
>> mapnik and osmarender stylesheets. As much as we like it or not, the
>> rendered map is a big incensitive to tag one way (no pun intended) or
>> another.
>> Renaud.
> Looks like Ed was faster than me doing it on the wiki. Also I would have 
> prefered a bit of talking since some people seams to prefere 1/0 rather
> than 
> yes/no

I guess the tagwatch-posting made all talking about preferences pointless.
Mappers clearly favor "yes" and "no".

BTW, I added "values"-sections to the english, german and polish wiki-pages
and stated that the semantics of other values are undefined and what cases
may most likely happen.


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